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About Us

Moralltach Global Plc is a European company, registered in Malta. It is a strategic Investment & development company. Its assets are largely based in the Republic of Ireland.

Our Story

Moralltach Global PLC was conceived and  designed to take advantage of the demise of the Irish economy in 2008. The economic crash came with the collapse of the Irish economy and the near total collapse of the banking sector.

Many foreign banks simply decided to abandon their Irish investments and depart its shores. The cost, in economic terms, ran into the billions of euros. The cost in human terms was incalculable. Almost half a million Irish people had to emigrate.


The founders of Moralltach saw an opportunity, in the wake of the financial crisis. There was a need for capital to both deal with historic debt, and to fund the resurgence of  business activity. Moralltach devised a business strategy to solve these problems and to offer bespoke solutions to businesses and individuals concerned.

Moralltach Global PLC was born.

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The Business Concept

Moralltach partners with existing businesses, property owners, developers, entrepreneurs and ordinary working people.

The raison d’etre of this property funding portfolio is to partner with borrowers who need viable alternative funding arrangements to replace their existing debt providers.

With its projects, the company can arrange funding to satisfy the capital requirements of its business partners in a variety of ways including partnering with venture capitalists, mezzanine finance options, pre IPO funding and public offerings. 

The Strategy

Moralltach is a Strategic Investment company that focuses on the placement of funds through partnership agreements in projects that fit its investment model and ethos. 


The companies Investment model strives to bring seed and development capital to projects which need ‘friendly’ investment partners. The company assesses projects through a network of internal and external partners using Industry accepted parameters to gauge potential success in projects.

The Portfolio

The range of projects in the Moralltach portfolio spans a cross-section of both industry and business. the company has interests in development sites, larger investment projects. residential & commercial property,  green/alternative  energy, and more. This diversity of investment ensures that Moralltach is well placed for future expansion and growth. 

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